High Park Ski Club

Snowboarding Programs

In addition to our regular lessons on weekend trips, we offer a range of snowboard programs and clinics on special topics with our CASI certified snowboard instructors. You can sign up for these programs and clinics when you book your Day Trip by selecting the program/clinic you wish to attend when asked for your lesson choice. All lessons take place in the morning unless otherwise indicated.

Snowboarding Programs:

Beginner Lessons – No experience necessary

Mount St Louis: Saturday January 7, 14 and 28

Saturday February 4 (make-up date)

Looking for a fun way to love winter? Never snowboarded before but always wanted to try? Come learn to ride! This three-week program will introduce new riders to snowboarding in a safe, fun, small group environment. Participants will learn the basics - how to use the lifts, how to stop and how to ride safely - using the CASI QuickRide approach. Participants are advised to wear helmets.

Program leaders: Emily Gaus and Peter Petzold

Snowboard Race Training – Intermediate to Advanced

Mount St Louis: Saturday: January 7, 14, and 28

Do you love to go fast on your snowboard? Then learn how to race! Participants will receive training on tactics and technical skills to help them take home the Gold. Sessions will include riding practice on courses set with stubbies and real gates. Participants must wear helmets.

Program Leader: Keith Whiston

Snowboard Instructor Training – Advanced

Blue Mountain: Saturday January 21st, from 10am - 4:30pm

Known as “IT”, this 1-day program will take you through the steps so you will be ready to complete the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) examination course as a Level I Snowboard Instructor. Or, if you want to learn more of the introductory technical aspects and skills for teaching snowboarding then this course is for you!

Program Leader: Keith Whiston

Pipe Dragons  - Intermediate to Advanced

Mount St. Louis: Saturday February 11 and March 4th

This 2-day program offers a gradual progression allowing new pipe riders to master novice turns in the pipe. Intermediate and advanced riders will be introduced to grabs and spins. Helmets and wrist guards are required to participate.

Program Leader: Keith Whiston

Intermediate Plus

Blue Mountain: January 21st

Now that you’re a good Intermediate rider, build your confidence and explore the hills with a “pro” that matches your exact needs. Register for Intermediate Plus to catch yourself on video and progress your riding to the next level.

Leader: Peter Simmerle


Beginner Park

Mount St. Louis: Saturday February 4

Expand your snowboarding skills exploring the park. Challenge yourself by trying something new in a safe and fun environment. Helmet and wrist guards are required to participate. Designed for intermediate to advanced level riders.

Program Leader: Jay Son

Boxes and Jumps

Mount St Louis: Saturday February 11

This clinic offers riders the opportunity to hone their freestyle snowboarding skills on boxes and jumps. Challenge yourself in a safe and fun environment! Helmet and wrist guards are required to participate. Designed for intermediate to advanced level riders.

Program Leader: Jay Son


Mount St Louis: Saturday February 18 and March 11 (repeat)

Come learn how to serve up the slopes with this carving clinic. Experienced or just starting to carve, we will have some fun. You'll benefit the most if you have a good grasp of the basics but all levels welcome. Designed for intermediate level riders.

Clinic Leader: Jeff Misumi

Mindful Riding

Blue Mountain: Saturday February 25

Mindfulness is all the rage these days. But, did you know it can have positive impacts on your riding?

To be mindful generally means paying attention to whatever is occurring, as it happens in the present moment, without judgment. By letting go of what’s already happened and the need for a specific future outcome, performance can improve.

This half-day session will combine both mindfulness concepts and snowboarding techniques to help you enhance your riding. Designed for intermediate riders.

Leader: Emily Gaus