High Park Ski Club

Beginners’ Day

These day trips at the beginning of the season have a special focus on those of you who are new to x-country skiing. We make sure to have plenty of instructors on hand for lessons and activities aimed at giving beginners the best possible introduction to x-country skiing.

Note: this is a one-day event that is scheduled on two different dates in January. You’re welcome to attend both days if you like!

Important: Don’t feel left out if you are not a beginner. More experienced skiers can also get lessons on these days.

Got questions about XC ski lessons? Contact us at xcskischool@hpsc.ca.

Beginners’ Series

This series is for you if you would like a progression of x-country techniques taught to you at the beginner level. We are offering a three-day series on consecutive Sundays where you will have a chance to develop basic x-country ski skills to bring you up to the bronze level. We’ll work with you to increase your ski ability so that by the end of the series you will be comfortable skiing beginner to intermediate trails. Emphasis will be placed on your ability to ski down (and up) hills on x-country trails.

Note: More experienced skiers can also get lessons on these day trips.

Vera Polyakova is the lead instructor for this series. Please contact her at: xcskischool@hpsc.ca to let her know you are interested in taking this series. Please put "Beginners’ Series" in the subject line of your email.

X-Country Bronze Skate Series  

The Skate Series is a sequence of two lessons on two consecutive Sundays for those of you who would like an intensive introduction to skate skiing. It will appeal if you have tried skate skiing before and would like a progression of techniques taught to you at the bronze level. To sign up for this series, just register for the appropriate day trips and select “Skate Series” in the drop-down lessons menu.

X-Country Silver Skate Series

The Silver Skate Series is a sequence of three lessons on three consecutive Sundays for those of you who have graduated from the Bronze level and would like to further improve to their skate skiing. This series will introduce you to some of the more advanced skate techniques. To sign up for this series, just register for the appropriate day trips and select “Skate Series” in the drop-down lessons menu.

Got questions? Send an email to xcskischool@hpsc.ca and put “Skate Series” in the subject line.

X-Country Silver-Plus - Classic & Skate Clinics

If you consider yourself a high-level x-country skier and don’t know if you could possibly get any more efficient or faster, think again! Sign up for a Silver-Plus Clinic for either classic or skate skiing and take your skills to the next level. Level 2 and 3 instructors will be assigned to these days to help you fine-tune your technique.

If you like, you can communicate your technique goals to one of the instructors prior to the day, and they will arrange for someone to deliver a tailored lesson that covers what you want to learn.

If you’re planning to take one of these programs, please send an email to xcskischool@hpsc.ca so that we can have the correct number of Level 2 or 3 instructors available on the scheduled dates and put "Silver-Plus Clinic" in the subject line.

Tips & Tricks – Classic and Skate

Don’t want to spend an hour or more in a lesson but would like a pointer or two to improve your skiing? Then the very popular "Tips & Tricks" sessions may be for you.  You can book a private 15-minute session with your own instructor on the dates the sessions are offered.  

When you register for one of these day trips, just indicate "Tips & Tricks" as your lesson option in the registration module. There are two dates for classic skiers and two dates for skate skiers.

Got questions about lessons? Contact us at xcskischool@hpsc.ca

X-Country Instructor Training

Find out why it’s worth instructing!

If you are a more advanced x-country skier, consider the benefits of becoming an instructor. Instructing with the HPSC X-Country Ski School is a rewarding way to challenge and improve your technique and reduce the cost of skiing. Our group of instructors (CANSI levels 1, 2 & 3) deliver high-quality technique instruction in 1.5-hour lessons scheduled on the mornings of most day trips. This leaves afternoons free for instructors to do their own skiing or participate in the club’s training and racing programs.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, contact High Park’s X-Country Ski School or talk to one of your instructors. To be an instructor, you must achieve level 1 certification with the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI). Our X-Country Ski School has a mentoring program to help instructor trainees gain comfort and experience in an instruction setting.

Interested in becoming one of our x-country instructors? Send an email to xcskischool@hpsc.ca and put “Instructor training” in the subject line.

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