High Park Ski Club

Above are some of your XC Ski School instructors. From L to R: Jean-Émile Paraiso, Elaine Rennet, John McHutchion, Eileen McNally, George Lorenz, Bev Wexler, Jan Vopalensky, Vera Polyakova, Karen Evans, Suzanne Denis and Owen Rogers.  Not in the photo: Michael Connor, Regina Eiras, Jeff Stainsby, Teresa Tomczyk, Emma West and Carine Wood. 

Our CANSI certified level 1, 2 & 3 instructors  deliver high quality technical instruction in one and a half hour lessons scheduled on the mornings of most day trips. This leaves the afternoon free for personal skiing.

If you are a more advanced skier, consider the benefits of becoming an instructor. As an instructor, x-country skiing and instructing with the HPSC X-Country Ski School is social, fun and as challenging as you want to make it!  With High Park, you receive instructor training and more opportunity to ski than any other traveling ski club.  Our goal is to help instructors recover part of the expense of being a member, and your bus and trail fees are free every time you teach. Full-time instructors will teach approximately ten lessons per season.

Have we got you interested? Contact us at: xcskischool@hpsc.ca

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