High Park Ski Club

Frisbee Biathlon (XC Race #5) at Hardwood on Mar 5, 2017

Another new tradition is born – a rousing Frisbee Biathlon to close out the XC race season! A record 26 participants gave Heather’s crazy idea a shot.

Despite the warm and rainy weather, we got fantastic conditions. A little crusty, but who’s complaining when you have Frisbees, snow, sun, and fun people?

In Frisbee Biathlon (2018 Olympics?), teams of two were formed. Teammate #1 skied the 2k first shortcut on the Meadowlands, and then played some Frisbee with their partner. Each person had to catch the Frisbee once, and got two tries to do it. Failure = 300m penalty ski! Then teammate #2 went out and did the same thing.

It was tons of fun for participants and spectators. Congratulations to Theresa & Andreas for winning the mixed division, and Jean-Emile Paraïso & Sonia for winning the classic. Thanks to everyone for participating with gusto! But you might want to practice your Frisbee throwing over the summer.

Name Points Normalized
Classic Only
Jean-Emile Paraïso & Sonia Dyett 5 10
Paul Yi & Mike Tan 4 8
Karen Evans & Bev Wexler 3 6
Yiuyin Chang & Sam Bootsma 2 4
Miranda Germani & Theo Kempe 1 2
Mixed (Classic/Skate)
Theresa Tomczyk & Andreas Gierke 8 10
Charles Ma & Eva Ma 7 9
Linda Smith & George Naray 6 8
Ken Godfrey & Paul Dover 5 6
Wei Guan & Nicole Pepper 4 5
Charles Lee & Holly Lee 3 4
Michael Li & Ivy Liao 2 3
Elaine Rennet & Doug Blackburn 1 1